Celebrant - Rites of Passage

What is a Celebrant?

Officiating a Wedding
A celebrant is a person who conducts formal ceremonies or rites of passage for a community. These are personalised for couples or individuals in order to be as meaningful as possible. A rite of passage is a ritual event marking the transition from one status to another, or a particular milestone. Rites of passage are said to incorporate stages of separation, transition and reincorporation to the community. They are liminal, or between stages, and often result in a new identity or responsibility. Rites of passage are fundamental to human growth and development, and link an individual to their community and spiritual world.

Rites of passage include:
  • Birth support and Naming ceremonies
  • Wedding ceremonies
  • Funeral memorials

Marriage Officer

Personalizing a Ceremony
If you would like me to be your marriage officer, I am registered with the Department of Home Affairs (RSA) to offer Civil Union marriages. These offer the same legal protections as the Marriage Act, but are also available to same-sex couples, and couples who wish to have a spiritual, rather than a religious ceremony. I am registered under the Buddhist community (Kagyu Samye Dzong, Kensington) but can also offer secular or spiritual services, depending on your choice.

If you are a member of the Kagyu Buddhist Community, then I will happily offer the ceremony free of charge.

Wedding Packages
  • Pre-wedding counselling (using the Prepare/Enrich online questionnaire) and personalised ceremony. The counselling is also available after the wedding, if you would like additional support.
  • Personalised weekend ceremony, including one or two meetings and/or rehearsal.
  • Simple weekday ceremony in your home in Johannesburg.
Please send me an email with your full names and ID numbers and I will send you the 'Getting Married' information pack.

For examples of different types of wedding ceremonies, please look at the following blog posts: Spiritual Ceremony or Tibetan Buddhist Ceremony.

Happy Couple!

We knew from the first day we met Lucy that we had made the right choice when looking for someone to officiate our wedding ceremony. From the get-go Lucy was so helpful in guiding us to understand the significance of the day for each of us individually, and as a couple. She gave some great advice and suggestions regards the actual order of events and what type of ceremony we wanted to suit our own beliefs.

On the day Lucy really set a fantastic tone for the ceremony and almost everyone commented on what a beautiful and unique ceremony it was. Thanks Lucy for everything!!

Mallory & Conway

Nirox Sculpture Garden

I have carried out preliminary doula training through MamaBamba, and need to attend three births in order to qualify. If you would like me to support you as a pre-partum, post-partum or birth doula, then please contact me.celebrant

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