The demands of modern life leave many of us feeling rushed, stressed and exhausted. Anxiety and depression often follow, taking us into a downward spiral, and away from our authentic selves.

Heart-Mind Consultancy is run by Lucy Draper-Clarke PhD, offering a range of services for anyone interested in working with the body, heart and mind to increase their awareness and sense of well-being.

These offerings include:
  • Mindfulness meditation - individual consultations, courses and retreats
  • Mindful yoga practices - weekly classes/courses and retreats
  • Celebrating rites of passage - births, weddings and funerals
  • Individual consultations 
Weekly yoga and mindfulness courses are offered in the cosy, intimate studio in Auckland Park, while retreats are run at the Tara Rokpa Centre (near Groot Marico, NW Province), the Buddhist Retreat Centre (near Ixopo, KZN) and Dharmagiri (near Underberg, KZN).

Auckland Park Studio

The company has taken its name from the Pali word – citta. This is often translated as mind, yet also encompasses the emotive aspect of mind and is increasingly known as heart-mind. Our constantly changing moods and states of mind condition all our thoughts, speech and actions. By connecting to, and taking care of, our heart-mind we can grow more skilful in our thoughts, words and deeds.

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Spring at the Tara Rokpa Centre near Groot Marico